1. How long have you been selling lots at Crowley Ranch Reserve?

We began selling lots in Phase I in 1992, following extensive research and work to ensure the concept could be accomplished. The development received the prestigious Governor’s Award for Smart Growth and Development.

2. How many homes have been built at The Reserve?

There are about 35 homes completed or under construction at this time. Several more are in the planning stages.

3. Do all lots have water, power, phone and internet?

Water, power and phone are supplied to all lot lines but the owner is responsible for his or her own sewage system.

4. Are there water tap fees?

All lots have a $5,000 tap fee upon hookup.

5. Is owner financing available?

We offer financing on select lots.

6. Do you have strict covenants?

Yes. The covenants are designed to profit the wildlife first and, second, to preserve the value and integrity of the property.

7. What are the uses for the open space?

Hiking and horseback riding are the typical uses. Obviously, no hunting or motorized vehicles are allowed in those areas. The main purpose of the open expanse is to offer a sanctuary for the wildlife in this area forever. We are living with the wildlife, not excluding them.

8. Why do you, as the developer, leave so much open space? Couldn’t you have fit many more lots into the Reserve?

Finding 87 home sites on this 2,000 acre expanse was the easiest thing I had to do. I could have put in hundreds more with no additional bureaucratic subdivision difficulties. Plain and simple: I love the ranch, so I don’t want it to be crowded; I want its beauty to remain.

9. Where is the nearest shopping?

Most routine shopping is done in Pagosa Springs, Colo. (28 miles), Dulce, N.M. (23 miles) or Chama, N.M. (25 miles). “Big city” shopping is available in Farmington, Durango, Santa Fe, or Albuquerque, NM, most destinations  reached in under a 3-hour drive. We consider the relatively long distance to these larger cities to be an asset, not a liability.

10. What is the pricing like?

Prices start at $48,000 in the development, but are subject to change.